Lucile Favero is a scholar in mathematics, artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience. She earned master's degrees in both Mathematics and Neuroscience from the University of Geneva.

In her master's thesis in mathematics, supervised by Dr Sylvain Sardy, she developed a machine learning model to optimize heat-pump systems. Lucile offered a pragmatic solution that has the potential to enhance both the ecological footprint and technical efficacy.

In parallel, for her neuroscience studies, Lucile engaged in her three-year full-time internship under the supervision of Dr. Giulio Matteucci at El-Boustani lab. There, she undertook a project that would contribute to a broader understanding of decision-making processes in mice. She implemented an agent that updates its policy through a biased random walk, incorporating a variety of factors that influence mouse decisions, such as learning, exploration, habituation, and motivational states like thirst, alongside homeostatic weight regulation. Her work promises to provide invaluable insights for experimenters in designing, analyzing, and refining behavioural tasks across a range of subjects, from rodents to humans.

Now, Lucile is starting her PhD studies under the guidance of Dr Nuria Oliver at ELLIS Alicante, focusing on integrating the Socratic method in chatbot development to enhance educational outcomes. She approaches this project with an understanding of its potential impact on learning methods, student engagement, and the thoughtful incorporation of emotional intelligence in AI.

Lucile looks forward to contributing to the educational community via AI. Her research is driven by the hope that it will serve as a valuable stepping stone toward advancing AI to support human learning and understanding.


  • Master in Neuroscience, Geneva University (09.2020 - 12.2023)

  • Master in Mathematics, Geneva University (09.2020 - 09.2022)

  • Bachelor in Mathematics, Geneva University (09.2016 - 06.2020)

  • Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles, Claude Fauriel- St Etienne, France (09.2015 - 06.2016)

Research experiences

  • From 02.2023: Computational neuroscience research in El-Boustani lab, UNIGE Switzerland Integrating motivation, effort, and sensorimotor learning in a model for decision-making (in python)

  • 09.2020 – 02.2023: Neuroscience research internship in El-Boustani lab, UNIGE Switzerland Rational design of goal-directed behavioral tasks in mice (in MATLAB) Key words. Modeling, Learning, Interface, Reward, Effort, (Sub)optimality, Animal behaviour Supervisor: Giulio Matteucci

  • 10.2022: Neuroscience short research internship in E3 lab, UNIGE Switzerland Modelling the effect of stress on reward-seeking behaviours (in MATLAB) Key words. Modeling, Reinforcement learning, Reward, Stress, Human behaviour Supervisor: Eva Pool

  • 01.2022 – 09.2022: Mathematics Master thesis, UNIGE Switzerland, grade: 6/6 A machine learning-based surrogate model to optimize performance of large air-to-water heat-pump in existing building (in python) Key words. Surrogate model, Extreme Gradient Boosting, System performance Supervisor: Sylvain Sardy


  • Mail:
  • Tel: +41766462387
  • GitHub: @lucilefavero